Counseling Services

Our counselor, Andrea Chvatal (pronounced Qua-tall), implements a comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program as outlined by the Texas Education Agency's Comprehensive Guidance Programs for Texas Public Schools. The Guidance Program is an integral part of the total educational and provides opportunities for all students to receive guidance and counseling services.

Our professional school counselors work with staff, students, families and the community to provide developmental assistance to students. Counselors provide support for students in both a virtual and an in-person learning environment. Please reach out to your counselor should you need assistance academically or personally.

Mrs. Chvatal also oversees referrals to our Gifted and Talented Program and the testing for this program as well as Credit By Exam testing.  For information about referrals and the GT Program CLICK HERE.

For information about Credit By Exam CLICK HERE

The guidance services are integrated into the existing school programs and have a developmental basis that help all students acquire and apply specific competencies and basic life skills.

The developmental curriculum is preventive in nature and addresses such issues as:

  • Self confidence development Motivation to achieve
  • Development of self esteem
  • Decision making, goal setting, problem solving skills Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Cross cultural effectiveness
  • Responsible behaviors.

There are four primary components to the Hunters Creek Guidance Program.

  • Classroom Guidance Curriculum Component
  • Responsive Services (Group and Individual Counseling)
  • Individual Planning Component (Monitoring and Understanding Individual Growth)
  • System Support (Consultation with Parents and Staff)

The Tribes Process

The TRIBES process is the foundation of the guidance program at Hunters Creek Elementary. Developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons are designed using TRIBES strategies at all grade levels. Through these lessons, a consistent school-wide message is conveyed pertaining to behavioral expectations and social interactions.

The guidance lessons help to establish positive social norms that promote a safe, respectful school environment. Additionally, the entire staff at Hunters Creek focuses on helping students understand and respect diversity through school-wide implementation of the TRIBES TLC Process.

The TRIBES TLC Process helps to create a school culture of caring and acceptance by students honoring the four TRIBES agreements of:

  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciations/No Put Downs
  • Mutual Respect
  • The Right to Pass.

Through the TRIBES cooperative learning strategies students are taught a set of collaborative skills that facilitates working together in groups.

Through the combined efforts of the counselor, Andrea Chvatal, the staff, and community, Hunters Creek has successfully met the requirements to earn the distinction as a NO PLACE FOR HATE school by the Anti Defamation League since it's first year in Houston. We continue to meet this distinction each year!
For more information contact our campus counselor, Andrea Chvatal.