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Phone: 713-251-6044

GT – Summer Transfer Students

If you are a summer transfer student from another SBISD school, or from out of district and believe your child should receive GT services please reference the information below:

"New-to-SBISD Students" G/T Referral Process:
SBISD has two referral links for transfer students; please read carefully to determine which referral is appropriate for your child.

1) Students that Previously Received Gifted Services:
Prior to completing your G/T referral, please email your child's namebirthdate, and current grade level, along with G/T test records from the previous district confirming your child's G/T status.  The Advanced Academics office will review your child's records and contact you to let you know that the platform is ready for your child's transfer referral (Note:  If you try submitting a transfer referral before we create your child's profile, the transfer referral will not submit correctly).  Once your child's profile has been created, please complete the transfer referral form (español) at the time your child is transferring into SBISD (If your child will transfer to the district at the beginning of the school year, please complete the transfer referral anytime after Spring Break).

2) Students that have NOT Previously Received Gifted Services:
If your child is transferring to SBISD from out-of-state, home-school, or from a private school where gifted services were not available, please, use this option to refer your child for G/T consideration at SBISD.  You will be able to submit any previous testing you have for your child, or if you have no previous records, that is also okay.  The Advanced Academics office will review any records and contact you with next steps.  For Option 2, please complete the the Off-Cycle Parent Referral form (Note:  This referral link is open only between late March and mid-August and is inactive during the regular school year).  We do our best to properly assess and place your child for the up-coming school year.

Credit by Exam

If you are accessing your child’s summer CBE testing date follow these steps:

Skyward should be used to access your scheduled summer CBE testing date. Parents may log into the Skyward Parent Portal to view their testing date, start time, and location.


If you have questions about testing, or need scheduling help please email Michelle Fontenot in the Office of Testing and Compliance,