iKids U offers many after-school opportunities onsite at Hunters Creek, including Stay & Play, Enrichment, and One-on-One services. The one-on-one services include piano lessons, guitar lessons and tutoring.  Brochures with registration information are available in the HCE front office or contact iKids to register at 713-665-5200, info@ikidsinc.com, or www.ikidsinc.com.

Enroll today – enrichment classes fill up quickly. iKids U starts on the very first day of school!  There are different enrichment classes each semester so, if you missed the first semester, you can enroll in classes for the second semester.

Each school year we offer slightly different extracurricular activities that include activities such as:

  • 5th Grade Orff Ensemble
  • iKids Inc
  • SBISD Fiddlers Violin Program (tentative, need a teacher)
  • Girls on the Run

We also have very active Scout programs for girls and boys at every grade level. These are not school sponsored but sometimes they use a space after school on campus to beginning right after dismissal.