Campus Improvement Team


The members of CIT include faculty, parents, business and community members. CIT advises the administration on decisions in the areas of goal setting, curriculum, budget, staffing, and organization. They will also monitor our Campus Improvement Plan. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact one of the CIT members. Minutes from the CIT meetings are available on the school website.

The CIT usually meets at least 6 times each year. Each year the principal will host an open CIT meeting in the fall and invite the community in order to share the yearly school data. 

Member Roster 2021-2022


Steve Rosencranz Community Rep Lottery 2020 2
vacant Business Rep Lottery 2021 1
Laura Grau Parent Lottery 2021 1
Elise Eberle Parent Lottery 2021 1
Shelley Moore Parent Lottery 2020 2
Erin Lanier Parent Lottery 2020 2
Katherine Strange Parent Lottery 2020 2
Jessica Murphy Faculty Elected 2021 1
Tracey Tomaro-McCall Faculty Elected 2021 1
Lauren Matthew Faculty Elected 2021 1
Caddie Cox Faculty Elected 2020 2
Peggy Railey Faculty Elected 2020 2
Kayla Van Buren Faculty Elected 2020 2
Robye Snyder Principal    
Colleen Fair Asst Principal    
Jill Bell PTA President