Campus Information
Serving Grades K-5
Campus Principal: Robye Snyder
Physical Address: 10650 Beinhorn Rd, Houston Texas 77024
Phone: 713-251-6000, Fax: 713-251-6015


HCE's vision is to become the premier elementary school in SBISD because we create self-determined learners who each achieve to their highest potential, learn to work collaboratively with others and learn to show initiative and accept responsibility for their need to contribute to the betterment of our world 





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iKids U offers an after-school onsite program at HCE, including Stay & Play, Enrichment Classes, and One on One Services!  Please contact iKids at 713-665-5200 or with any questions. CLICK HERE to download a registration brochure. Return to iKids by mail or to the HCE front office.  

We have two other after school activity providers.  You can find registration information at Brown's Gymnastics or Parisi Speed School.  Our 4th grade choir will meet on Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:00.  

We also have very active Scout programs for girls and boys.  Contact info for Scouts coming soon.